Our Story

I started Destiny Handbags after seeing so many items made in foreign countries. I went to a home show and purchased  bag when it shipped 7 Made in China slips fell out and my life was changed. I launched Destiny Handbags in 2015 as a Direct Sales Company. We had women selling our bags around the country. When Covid hit we didn't do parties anymore and we had to pivot. I was looking for a brick and mortar location when a mobile boutique idea came to my husband. We purchased Betsy the Bag Wagon in 2022 and go to events up and down the East Coast. 

Each bag is made by work at home seamstresses in North Carolina. I am on a mission to bring manufacturing back to the USA 1 bag at a time. I sell the bags online and at markets. You can find our market locations on our Events Page. 

All of our bags are named after a friend or family member. When you shop with us you are shopping with a mom on a mission. If you own a boutique or are thinking of starting a boutique and are looking for fashionable, washable, and fun bags reach out to us. We would love to see our bags in boutiques across the USA.

Michelle Hodge

Owner of Destiny Handbags